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Diana McIntosh Piano

Diana McIntosh

Pianist Composer Performance Artist
"One of modern music's more mischievous minds"



"A champion of 20th-century Canadian music"

"McIntosh...uses her entire body as an instrument. It was like catching a short-wave broadcast from outer space. She is a wonder, and she is witty and inventive in the bargain."

"An individual but genuinely poetic atmosphere."

"Full of mysterious sounds."

"Multimedia performance is a natural outgrowth of the age, and McIntosh is one of its important voices."

"Pianist puts some fun on music series menu."

"Diana McIntosh's sound arsenal."

"Her multi-media concert... was thoroughly entertaining for every breathing soul in the audience."

"She's so inventive you can't believe what you're listening to, and you can't stop."

"Virtuoso composer, pianist, show-woman - Winnipeg's Diana McIntosh - is one of the wonders of the Canadian contemporary music world. Contemporary music is not often so engaging, entertaining and delightful."


Friday, May 29, 2015, Wilfrid Laurier University. Waterloo, ON. Diana`s string quartet, Gatheringfour: Broadening Perspectives, commissioned by the Penderecki String Quartet, will be premiered during the Quartetfest festival.

Thursday, April 9, 2015, 8:00 pm Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall, University of Winnipeg. GroundSwell will present a concert curated by Diana, as one of GroundSwells Artistic Curators, of music for low flutes, titled Music For a Lost Planet. The featured musician is the Australian 'low flute' specialist Peter Sheridan in a unique program of music for alto, bass, contra bass and subcontra bass flutes. Two Winnipeg musicians, pianist / oboist Robin MacMillan and flutist Laurel Ridd will join Peter in some of the pieces. The program will also feature the premiere of Diana`s new duo for bass flute and piano interior, On The Far Side Of Mars, which Diana will perform with Peter. This work was written through a grant from the Winnipeg Arts Council.

Monday, Feb. 29, 2015 12:30 Faculty of Music, University of Manitoba. Diana will give a 50-minute solo concert of two of her theatrical / music works : Aunt Kate, an autobiographic piece about her eccentric and colourful aunt who lived in Banff ; and an excerpt from Diana`s dramatic work, Beryl Markham--- Flying West With the Night, an autobiographic piece about the intrepid British woman who lived in Kenya, and who became the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic from east to west in 1936.