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Diana McIntosh

Pianist Composer Performance Artist
"One of modern music's more mischievous minds"


"A champion of 20th-century Canadian music"

"McIntosh...uses her entire body as an instrument. It was like catching a short-wave broadcast from outer space. She is a wonder, and she is witty and inventive in the bargain."

"An individual but genuinely poetic atmosphere."

"Full of mysterious sounds."

"Multimedia performance is a natural outgrowth of the age, and McIntosh is one of its important voices."

"Pianist puts some fun on music series menu."

"Diana McIntosh's sound arsenal."

"Her multi-media concert... was thoroughly entertaining for every breathing soul in the audience."

"She's so inventive you can't believe what you're listening to, and you can't stop."

"Virtuoso composer, pianist, show-woman - Winnipeg's Diana McIntosh - is one of the wonders of the Canadian contemporary music world. Contemporary music is not often so engaging, entertaining and delightful."

On Sunday afternoon, June 1, 2:30 pm,  2014, the Winnipeg Art Gallery presents 'Music in First Person', Diana in a retrospection of 8 of her unique theatrical works in the WAG`s Eckhardt Hall. The concert features dramatic, poignant and humorous works in a dynamic colourful solo concert.

On Thursday, May 22, 8:00 pm, 2014, Winnpeg`s GroundSwell new music series  presents an exciting and unusual concert featuring 2 major works------- `The 40- Minute Ring`, a contemporary take on Wagner`s Ring,   written and performed by Myra Davies,   and `McIntosh the Steinway`, written and performed by Diana, plays with the  unique writings of Gertrude Stein.

On Wednesday, April 16, 8:00 pm, 2014,    Diana will give a theatrically- oriented solo concert in the Heliconian  Hall, Toronto .  The concert , features her autographic piece about her eccentric Aunt Kate, Diana`s alter ego Maude Pilly cooking up a recipe from The Joy of Cooking, at the piano, a funky piece for a toy piano and a poignant work about the huge Wapta Ice Field in the Rockies. The colourful program   has a strong dash of Diana`s playful sense of humour,  and is titled ‘IT`S  OK TO LAUGH’.